Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blog Fail

This past weekend I had the opportunity to see my friend Andrea and her husband Sam for a quick lunch at Potbelly's (mmm yeah).

The topic of blogs came up, and as Andrea knows... I really love reading blogs. If it's someone I know well...or someone I barely know... if they are interesting in the content and manner that they write, I will sit here at my laptop and scroll through their meandering thoughts. 

And of course, with this topic of blogging, I remembered my forsaken blog. Or blogs. I have a lot of blogs people. ... People? Who is even reading this? Anyway, I will have an idea for a blog, I will make that blog, I will make that initial first-time update, and then I will never touch that blog again. That's what happened with this blog...and my cake blog. I have really got to start updating my blogs! 

I recently created a new blog with wordpress because I've been curious about wordpress in general. That blog is intended to be an informative blog, rather than a show-and-tell blog like this one.

But maybe that's what's causing me to fail. Shouldn't I just have one blog where I put everything?? The idea makes sense, yet I feel like I'm so all-over-the-place in my interests and topics that I just like the idea of keeping things separated. I don't know... all I know is I needed to update this thing and felt like doing so right now.

My goal for this blog was to showcase what I do, what I make, and what I learn. On that note, something I've done recently is make a few videos. Contest entries to win candles from my favorite candle company at the moment (Candles by Victoria).

Most recent: a contest entry for crazy-ass make-up. Inspiration came from the Carnivale Venetian masks of Venice, Italy. Boy do I miss Italy.

I ended up winning first prize with this, which I wasn't really expecting. I had fun though!

And the other contest entry was to make a "commercial" for Candles by Victoria. I decided to make a monster-truck rally commercial...for candles. I thought it was pretty funny. Unfortunately, it did not get the prize (almost did though).

So that's what Meghan's been up to!

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------------ said...

I'm not supposed to be on the Internet.. but I HAD to watch your makeup video. I LOVE IT!!!! Too dang bad your camera ran out of memory, I LOOOOVED the music going with it! :D

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